Gregor Hilden plays over Smooth Loungs Moods Track 1:
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Smooth Lounge Moods backing tracks
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Smooth Lounge Moods  delivers 10 backing tracks of smooth, soulful, tunes that will always strike a sophisticated, laid-back, mood. The album is build on the classic sounds of late night jazz, dominated by the unplugged sounds of delicate drum grooves and beautiful upright bass lines complemented by tasteful acoustic pianos and guitars.
Gregor Hilden plays over Smooth Loungs Moods Track 8:
Gregor Hilden plays over Smooth Loungs Moods Track 5:
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10 high quality jam tracks Also available as individual tracks (each track $ 0,99)
1 F#m BPM 070 7:27 2 D# BPM 070 5:40 3 F#m BPM 080 6:19 4 C#m BPM 070 5:47 5 Am BPM 070 6:45 6 D#m BPM 070 5:49 7 Dm BPM 070 7:30 8 D# BPM 080 5:51 9 C BPM 070 5:32 10 C BPM 080 5:52
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